Sup! 👋🏻
It's me Jovial!

$ whoami

I'm a self-motivated software developer, CoderDojo Mentor, technophile on a quest to realize how human brain works and uncover the mystery behind human reasoning through mathematics and field of artificial intelligence. My interests include: Linux, Raspberry Pi, Deep Learning, Quantum Computing, IOTA Tangle. Out of research curiosity, I'm working on digit recognition as my final year project. I also love exploring uncharted territories of the quantum realm.

$ ls ../projects

name : Calanderio
author : Jovial Joe Jayarson
about : Simple calender progress
role : Author
location : GitHub


name : WakaReadme
author : Athul Cyriac Ajay
about : Weekly Metrics on Profile Readme
role : Contributor
location : GitHub


name : AppImage File Associator
author : Jovial Joe Jayarson
about : Simplifies AppImage file associations
role : Author
location : GitHub


name : Smart City Prototype
author : Team
about : A prototype which mimics the basics of a smart city
role : Team Leader
location : IES College of Engineering



$ which joe733

Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying

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$ uname -a